from my studio | febuary 2019


This is a short video about me working in my welding studio. You can see a bird develop out of a scrap metal piece from the scrap yard with the help of a plasma cutter, a welding machine and a grinder. 

Thanks to Georg Heunoske for the video and the music!!

from my artist group CKCK | september 2017


CKCK – that is Chris Kircher, Katja von Ruville, Claudia Grom and the American-English artist Kelly O´Brien. The group was founded in 2014 and since then we exhibit together. The photos give you an insight into our exhibition in the city gallery, the former bathhouse of Bad Soden.

If you want to know more about our artist group CKCK visit our website

Photos: Anna Meuer

from my artist group CKCK | september 2017


With beautiful weather last evening we opened our group exhibition “in the Face of Everything | Jetzt erst recht” in the wonderfully spacious rooms of the Stadtgalerie Bad Soden. The large number of interested and diverse visitors overwhelmed us. This and the overall very positive response gave us great pleasure, affirming of our work and our further action. Thank you very much!

If you want to know more about our artist group CKCK visit our website

Photos: Anna Meuer


from my studio | july 2017


This series of work is about violence and the experience of violence, impotence, and subjection in very complex ways, including violence against others and sometimes against oneself. At the same time, the title beautiful inside speaks to the context in which it is important for me to see this work. The inner beauty and delicacy − which are not only there, but also powerful − are always ready to be seen and discovered.

The rags I used here are from my welding workshop. They represent on one hand the dirtied and shameful in the context of sexual violence; on the other hand, I have long appreciated their almost picturesque beauty.

The work for me was very spontaneous and unplanned, despite the heaviness of the subject, and very playful in implementation. As a feminist self-defense trainer, I was confronted with the issue of sexual violence for many years.

from my studio | march 2017


For some time now Carsten Siebert, curator of KunstRaum Riedberg, Frankfurt University, has been pushing me to do a bronze casting of my small birds. So at the end of last year I decided to do that. The process is very complex and a few photos from the bronze foundry show just a few steps.

The result can be seen. 

from my studio | febuary 2017


I´m glad, relieved and proud to finally have my new website online. And to be able to offer my work in a webshop for sale for the first time.